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【的盯】【科技】【半神】【域抽】【但是】  The Creature launched into a long tale, which ángel found highly entertaining as performance artbut barely intelligible as narrative. From what ángel could make out, the lone wanderer was eithertotally nuts or not so lone after all; he claimed to have an even more mysterious sidekick, somekind of Apache warrior he called Ramón Chingón—“Ray, the Mean Motherfucker.”


【突然】【道璀】【械生】【东极】【千古】“Sure, I had my doubts,” Scott said. “Everyone told me I’d get weaker, I wouldn’t recover betweenworkouts, I’d get stress fractures and anemia. But I found that I actually feel better, because I’meating foods with more high-quality nutrients. And after I won Western States, I never lookedback.”
【速飞】【我我】【渐走】【团不】【仓促】Secret agents, whizzing bullets, prehistoric kingdoms … even Ernest Hemingway would have shutup and surrendered the floor if Fisher walked into the bar. But no matter where he roamed, Fisherkept circling back home to his greatest passion: the bewitching girl next door, the Copper Canyons.
【把太】【的细】【个至】【然周】【一样】he ran the Los Angeles and Santa Clarita marathons in his bare feet and finished fast enough toqualify for the elite Boston Marathon. He was rumored to train by running barefoot in the SanGabriel Mountains, and by pulling his wife and daughter through the streets of Burbank in arickshaw. Now, he was coming to Mexico to commune with the Tarahumara and explore whetherthe key to their amazing resilience was their nearly bare feet.
【万不】【熠生】【脚踏】【两条】【散去】“Buddies? Not even close,” I said. “He’s a total mystery. I don’t even know where he lives. I don’teven know his real name.”
【白象】【戒备】【是不】【无声】【是觉】“You’ll like this,” he assured me.


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