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【去的】【命千】As Martimano got off the scale, Ann pushed past him and hurried out the door. She slung on herfanny pack—freshly loaded with carbohydrate gel, gloves, and a slicker in case she hit sleet orfreezing winds above the timberline—and began trotting down the road toward the snow-cappedmountain. She was outa there so fast, Martimano and Juan were still biting into slices of orangewhile Ann was heading around the corner and out of sight.【了他】【的世】【回归】【非轻】“Must be,” Caballo grinned. “I saw what he had to work with. So what’s the secret?”【量还】

【睹天】【在有】【的率】【到某】【己的】【是太】The water wasn’t water. It was black mud and green scum, buzzing with flies and churned by wildgoats and burros. Jenn bent down for a closer look. Ugh! The smell was nasty They knew what onesip could do; come nightfall, they could be too weak with fever and diarrhea to walk, or infectedwith cholera or giardia or guinea worm disease, which has no cure except slowly pulling the threefoot-long worms out of the abscesses that erupt on your skin and eye sockets.【按灭】

【脑才】【全部】【的再】【峰之】【八方】【金界】Grabbing a pad and pen, Ken went back through the tapes and jotted down all the components of aKenyan stride. Then he went looking for guinea pigs.【的骨】【强度】【灵层】【还有】【又一】【的价】【只能】Then he’d get up, brush himself off, and vanish back to Seattle until it was time for his war cry toecho through the dark again.【看来】

【意识】【凰似】Sick pace, Sandoval thought, as he shot a glance over his shoulder. Anyone tell these guys it hadbeen raining here for the past two weeks? Sandoval knew they were heading straight into a worldof slop around the Twin Lakes marshes and down the muddy back end of Hope Pass. TheArkansas River would be a roaring mess; they’d have to haul themselves hand over hand along asafety rope to cross, and then claw their way two thousand feet to the top of Hope Pass. Then spinaround and do the same again coming home.【佛地】【成为】【锵铿】【影没】  Many adventurers who slunk in never slunk back out again, giving the canyons their reputation asthe Bermuda Triangle of the borderlands. The Apache Kid and Massai galloped over Skeleton Passinto the Copper Canyons one last time and were never seen again. Ambrose Bierce, the celebritynewspaper columnist and author of the satiric hit The Devil’s Dictionary, was reportedly en routeto a rendezvous with Pancho Villa in 1914 when he strayed into the Copper Canyons’ gravitationalpull and was never seen again. Imagine Anderson Cooper vanishing on assignment for CNN, andyou get the sense of the search that was launched for Bierce. But no trace was ever found.【人自】

【转而】【消失】“Yeah,” I said. “Amazingly slow.” It had taken me over twelve hours, meaning that Scott andArnulfo could have run the course all over again and still beaten me.【尊神】【时候】【主脑】【脑回】【毁灭】

【刷而】【对着】  Other Tarahumara runners reportedly went three hundred miles at a pop. That’s nearly twelve fullmarathons, back to back to back, while the sun rose and set and rose again.【前出】【就好】【术都】【字当】【变不】

【竖斩】【步跨】But come spring, disaster struck. I got this email:【符文】【是领】【谷之】【鸣响】“Marcelino?” Of course I remembered the Human Torch. I’d been mentally signing Nike contractson his behalf ever since I’d seen him at the Tarahumara school. “Is he coming?”【机械】



【控制】【万瞳】【器的】【全不】【他们】【罪恶】To get a sense of what he came up with, try running the Boston Marathon two times in a row witha sock stuffed in your mouth and then hike to the top of Pikes Peak.【的联】

【蓝色】【失色】instead of wheels, each boot sits atop a full-length steel-spring suspension that lets you boing alonglike you’re in a Moon bounce.【已是】【动醉】【一点】【数仙】  In the end, I got my answer, but only after I found myself in the middle of the greatest race theworld would see: the Ultimate Fighting Competition of footraces, an undergroundshowdownpittingso(never) me of the best ultradistance runners of our time against the best ultrarunnersof all time, in a fifty-mile race on hidden trails only Tarahumara feet had ever touched. I’d bestartled to discover that the ancient saying of the Tao Te Ching—“The best runner leaves notracks”— wasn’t some gossamer koan, but real, concrete, how-to, training advice.【巨大】

【高级】【自己】【能在】【一点】【节三】【纳到】【而下】【辰才】【锋数】【一处】【交人】【但是】【数据】Finally, we spotted a dry creek bed down below that I was pretty sure led to the river. Just in time,too; I’d finished my water half an hour before and was already pasty mouthed. I broke into a jog,but Eric called me back. “Let’s make sure,” he said. He climbed back up the cliff to check ourbearings.【经了】

【谨慎】【您自】The Kalahari summer cooled into winter, but the hunts continued. The Utah-Harvard docs wouldturn out to be wrong about one part of their Running Man theory: persistence hunting doesn’tdepend on killer heat, because the ingenious Bushmen had devised ways to run down game inevery weather. In the rainy season, both the tiny duiker antelope and the giant gemsbok, with itslancelike horns, would overheat because the wet sand splayed their hooves, forcing their legs tochurn harder. The four-hundred-pound red hartebeest is comfortable in waist-high grasslands, butexposed and vulnerable when the ground parches during dry winters. Come the full moon,antelopes are active all night and tired by daybreak; come spring, they’re weakened by diarrheafrom feasting on green leaves.【整块】【个分】【然形】【对天】【际立】

【其中】【达数】Extreme distance magnifies every problem (a blister becomes a blood-soaked sock, a declinedPowerBar becomes a woozy inability to follow trail markers), so all it takes is one wrong answerto ruin a race. But not for honor-student Ann; when it came to ultras, she always aced her quizzes.【盛宴】【中你】【时小】【呯呯】【界诸】

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