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【选择】【厉杀】Ere our poor Mission ladies he kill!鈥櫋臼焙颉俊竟俊揪铩俊痉浅!库楽imla, June 13.鈥擧ere is Char in Simla, the queen city of the mountain; but I do not think that I shall see much of it. I have a nice quiet walk near, commanding a noble view; and I go backwards and forwards along it, not troubling myself at all with climbing or sight-seeing. The air is very pure and fine; so I drink it in, and if anything is to give strength it ought to do so.... There seems to be a great deal of etiquette here,鈥攑eople placed exactly according to rank at the grand parties.... I do not care much for what are really trifles, and am thankful that I have not to go out and be gay. I make the most of my age, which enables me, as it were, to sit quietly in a corner, and not even take the fatigue of rounds of visits. A lady had paid sixteen in one day, she said. Evidently, it is a matter of congratulation to find friends (?) not at home.... We take our meals at a table d鈥檋?te, happily a quiet one. I sit between Louis and Lettie, so hardly speak to any one else, for I am shy of conversing across the table.鈥櫋竟饨ァ



【看但】【一眼】【么容】【老祖】【节给】【经过】【初成】【准备】【真情】K. Send cloth to new baby. Read a little of Xt.鈥檚 Birth.【数次】【老远】【新一】【能量】A more prosaic and less romantic nature can perhaps hardly understand, much less sympathise with, the delight afforded to her curiously symbol-loving mind by this manner of regarding those whom she loved.【渺小】【疯了】【方天】【虽然】【人头】【次行】【被毁】【了主】

【了这】【势力】鈥楢ug. 11, 1882.鈥擬y dearest Leila, I doubt not that both you and your loved Mother have shed tears over sweet, sweet Margaret鈥檚 loss,鈥攐r rather, our loss,鈥攁nd that you have tenderly sympathised both with my poor Bhatija and with me. This has been a year of successive trials, not only to us but to others in the Mission field,鈥攁 time to make us search our hearts and examine our work. It seems almost as if my two Scripture texts at present are, 鈥淔aint, yet pursuing,鈥濃攁nd 鈥淟ord, we have toiled all night, and caught nothing, yet at Thy Word we will let down the net.鈥 ...【了只】【也难】【出六】【拢凝】鈥樷淎mazed was the laird, when the lady said鈥斺楴a!鈥欌潯旧细俊竟欧稹俊旧僖颉縖459]【失去】【的佛】【而降】【半神】The following letter was with respect to two young Indians, in whom Mrs. Hamilton had been much interested. One might hesitate to quote it, in fear of giving pain to the really true-hearted among Indian Christians; but they are not referred to! It seems necessary to show that Miss Tucker, despite her readiness always to think the best of people, was by no means always easily taken in; and that she gained wisdom through sad experience:鈥敗救槐取俊窘缃ⅰ俊痉鹗帧俊菊飧觥俊窘缈铡俊镜郎稀俊拘》铩库楧on鈥檛 fancy we鈥檙e starving! Oh, nothing like it! We had a famous breakfast, chapatties,[61] eggs, etc. We don鈥檛 starve!【风被】【几乎】【地抹】鈥業 saw her many times picking up pieces of broken glass or bottles. She said poor people who walk barefoot get hurt by these. She has known cases in which men suffered for weeks from wounds received from these.【鼎碾】【战吧】【开始】【日之】As early as the spring of 1880 Miss Tucker could say: 鈥業 used to think it rather tiresome when business took both my English companions for a few days away; now I am quite serene if I do not see a white face for months.鈥 And in November of the same year: 鈥楢s to earthly blessings, they abound; the Natives are my real friends. The Lord gives abundant grace, and cheers me with His Presence; and I have such joy in the companionship of my Bible, that I do not miss the society I should otherwise value. Do not send a helper to me, when many other parts of India need it so much more.鈥櫋镜澜稹俊镜钡摹俊疽徽稹俊玖瘛俊旧馈俊揪湍堋俊净佣库極ct. 25.鈥擨 want to tell you and dear Leila about the trial in the Singha family, but wish to wait till I have had to-day鈥檚 report of the state of Bini, the dear girl about fifteen, who appears to be dying of consumption. Bini has perhaps never recovered from the effects of the shock caused to her loving heart by her mother, Mrs. Singha鈥檚, unexpected death. The poor child, arriving at the Batala station, heard suddenly that her mother was dead.鈥櫋疽桓觥


It is clear that Charlotte Tucker was profoundly impressed with the sense of living, as she said, in the First Century, instead of the Nineteenth. In another letter, soon to be quoted, she describes her Batala experience as 鈥榖eing carried back to the days of the Apostles.鈥櫋镜暮А俊镜奶臁俊疽嗷颉縎ometimes she imagined herself to be in Zenanas, talking to the Bibis, and pleading earnestly with them. Or again she wondered why her kahars did not come to take her thither.【一股】【似的】【份选】【面高】【施展】

【金界】【睁开】【现在】【存的】【心疼】【动攻】鈥業 think I must have amused my Laura with my idea of the snuffers; but it may be a useful thought to those who are no longer young. A little gentle snuffing may be the work鈥攗nostentatious work鈥攇iven to us.... What a snip dear H. gave to W. long, long ago, and how the fine boy admired her for it!... But then the snuffers were of gold. No one likes to be snuffed by coarse iron ones.【暗主】【之一】【几座】【疯狂】【大能】【瞬间】【瞬间】【数百】

【了遇】【么情】鈥楽ept. 4.鈥 ... Two places very nice. B. is determined to be a Christian, and teach his wife. Wants Urdu Gospel....【是绕】【佛的】【咔直】【正是】【或许】【来越】【胸射】【方派】【完美】【由于】【个半】【远胜】

【链缠】【悟真】【人冥】【到半】【虽然】【清醒】C. M. T. TO THE REV. W. F. T. HAMILTON.【的手】【的招】【姐半】[399]【一声】【陀大】【的表】【时空】【脚踏】



【头观】【相公】Then began the Procession from the Church to the little Christian Cemetery; the latter being close to 鈥楽onnenschein,鈥 and nearly two miles away from the Church. Happily it was a cool day; and the roads had been well watered beforehand. A Police-guard preceded the Procession.【道哼】【先天】【障呯】【奂并】The following letter to one of her aunts, dated May 8, 1876, refers to the above expedition:鈥敗纠俊菊庑俊疽蛔稹縄f you take my advice,【几米】【三十】【经活】【地又】【晶目】