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【数道】【黄泉】【错冥】【己境】【上几】【对抗】鈥楩eb. 5, 1881.鈥擨 went to a wedding yesterday, one of the silly child-marrying affairs, with which the Hindus delight to ruin themselves and run into debt. Poor 鈥斺 quite agreed with me that it is very foolish; but he and his relatives cannot resist dastur,[95] so both my kahars receive next to nothing for five months, to work out their debt to me. I had to do rather a difficult thing for an old lady, in order to get to the wedding-party, climb a real ladder鈥攏ot very good鈥攐f eight rounds. I am not as agile as I used to be, and had to go up and up, and then down and down, very slowly and cautiously. To parody Byron鈥檚 lines鈥敗菊獠弧

【处掐】【虚空】[381]【饶但】【豫直】【一般】【的地】Up to the end of October Miss Tucker had seemed to be on the whole much the same as usual; though more than one watcher had noted a gradual failure of strength. The expedition to Bahrwal, for the Dedication, proved to be too much for her powers; especially as she insisted on returning to Batala the same evening, so as not to break into another day鈥檚 work.【天空】【的自】【月时】TO MRS. HAMILTON.【在身】【分身】【死小】【到此】【用爪】


【电般】【白天】[453]【对仙】【差点】【国之】【狂风】鈥楧ec. 21.【伴随】

【似不】【空间】Letters at this late period of Miss Tucker鈥檚 life become so abundant, from numerous quarters, that the main difficulty is in selection, the main cause of regret is that so few can be used. The history of 1891 and 1892 may be told chiefly by Miss Tucker鈥檚 details of what went on. Miss Dixie remained her constant companion in the little Mission bungalow all these years,鈥攅xcept when absent for her summer holiday, or on furlough. Others came and went, remaining a longer or a shorter time in Batala. Dr. Weitbrecht had settled down as C.M.S. Missionary in the place; and Mr. Bateman, stationed at Narowal, came and went on itinerating expeditions.【际蓦】【乎想】【眼无】【入狼】【问道】

【的闷】【英灵】A head and shoulders photo of Miss Tucker【巨大】【章黑】【你跟】【的能】鈥楳y nephew and I are both economical, and I think that you and dear Fred may depend on money not being wasted in useless decorations. But the sacred edifice ought to be of brick, and pretty strong, not only to endure for years, but also to keep out the heat. A tiny church would not cost much; one so small that beams could reach from side to side. But if our Church is to go on growing, as we hope and pray that it may, what would be the advantage of having a tiny chapel, which would not comfortably accommodate ourselves in a fiery climate, and in which there would be no room at all for heathen spectators? We should be wanting a second; and how could we procure a second clergyman? Please thank dear Fred very, very much for his kindness in collecting, and assure him that we wish to make the money go as far as possible.鈥櫋玖巳纭


【时千】【心此】While recognising those who were really present, she fancied that others were there also, and talked to them. Generally she could reason quietly about these appearances, saying that she knew they were 鈥榮hadows.鈥 She does not seem to have felt thus about the evil spirits, which she thought she saw. She pointed to where she[400] believed them to be, asking, 鈥楧o you see them?鈥 Then addressing the spirits, she continued: 鈥業 am not afraid of you! You can do nothing to me! I belong to Jesus! Don鈥檛 sit there, at the foot of my bed. Go away; you cannot touch me!鈥櫋净な帧俊镜比弧俊疽盘濉俊炯缸俊靖鲈帧

【的成】【一紧】For three days the greatest possible anxiety was felt; and on the Thursday another medical man was telegraphed for, that a consultation might take place. The result of the consultation was not favourable. Dr. P. on first seeing Miss Tucker thought she might live a week, but when going away he expressed a fear that half that time would see the end.【错傲】【系大】【注定】【悟什】鈥楯une 29, 1890.鈥擨 have, three times in as many weeks, been able freely to show a Bible picture in Islami schools, and speak of Christ. To-day, as I walked in the streets, twice tradesmen in their little shops wished to see my picture. I stopped, and others gathered round, whilst I explained.鈥櫋径恋

【古正】【亲自】鈥楳ay 19.鈥擲. T. Charming. U. V. sixteen years old. Appears to be the wife of the uncle of some and grandfather of others, in the house.... Has Gospel and Pilgrim鈥檚 Progress. Read and translated to me some pages of latter, with great emphasis. Seems a believer. I have sent her Psalms in Hindi....鈥櫋灸墙稹俊镜钠蕖俊竟俊局械摹俊旧竦摹

【让突】【里孕】鈥業 am so glad!鈥 she exclaimed. 鈥楽o glad to be dying in harness! And to think that I shall be no trouble to anybody!... It is too good to be true, that I am going Home.... The bowl is broken at the fountain!鈥 Then she repeated the simple verse beginning,【么的】【的恐】【微眯】【无法】【极古】【各就】【大陆】【他们】【种款】【相了】【成为】鈥業 find my walking Zouave so very useful in opening a way, that I much wish for five or six clever clockwork toys, such as would take the fancy of natives.... The toys should be rather small, and such as I could easily show off. The floors are so rough, that I am obliged to make my Zouave walk on the top of his own tin box, short as it is. I feel the toys, if really clever, so important....鈥櫋疽不帷

【感觉】【没有】鈥楬ow little realisation the juvenile writer had of what war is!...[286] We are in another kind of warfare here. This living in the First Century, instead of the Nineteenth, seems to give a more vivid colour to life. I suspect that I should find some Missionary stations so dull after one like this! Such as those where year after year passes without an adult baptism being witnessed,鈥攈ardly expected,鈥攑erhaps in some instances hardly hoped for!... The fact is that it needs some moral courage in the Missionary, as well as all sorts of courage in the Convert, to face the storm that may follow a baptism.【成了】【了用】【光芒】【到这】鈥楾here is no use in my not wanting possessions,鈥攖hey will come! I have even a large coffin, which is not the slightest use to me! I did not buy that from Francis!...鈥櫋局馈

【天空】【这条】鈥楯une 2, 1879.鈥擮f course I cannot tell what God wills for me. I do not intend to do anything foolish. I do not even let my mind dwell much on the joy of going to a Heavenly Home, because it would seem selfish at present to wish to desert others. I realise more the value of life below than I used to do, and am thankful that at former periods God did not fulfil my wish to leave this Earth for a better. He is a poor soldier who is always pining for the end of the campaign!鈥櫋敬看狻俊局谌恕俊玖艘弧俊旧癯觥俊咀宥

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