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2020-04-08 16:25:51


【特拉】【的画】【入强】【玉柱】【却没】【理解】“David,” Dr. Bramble began. “Species evolve according to what they’re good at, not what they’rebad at. And as runners, humans aren’t just bad—we’re awful.” You didn’t even need to get into thebiology; you could just look at cars and motorcycles. Four wheels are faster than two, because assoon as you go upright, you lose thrust, stability, and aerodynamics. Now transfer that design toanimals. A tiger is ten feet long and shaped like a cruise missile. It’s the drag racer of the jungle,while humans have to putter along with their skinny legs, tiny strides, and piss-poor windresistance.【横的】【划破】【我破】【无数】“That’s what led me, like others, to dismiss the idea that humans evolved as running animals,”【老祖】【一次】



【没入】【机械】To get a sense of what he came up with, try running the Boston Marathon two times in a row witha sock stuffed in your mouth and then hike to the top of Pikes Peak.【开始】【持到】【来愈】【开的】【紧的】【倒有】【这几】【球大】“Let’s try again,” Patrocinio urged. Fisher’s sponsors had donated a pile of corn to Patrocinio’svillage, and he hated to lose the windfall. This time, he’d open the team to runners from outside hisown village. He’d head back into the canyons—and back in time. Team Tarahumara was goingold-school.【横跨】【尊的】



【道理】【神界】“The three antelope look at me like they know exactly what we’re proposing, and they’re not theleast bit worried,” Scott continues. It didn’t take him long to find out why they were so calm in theface of what should have been impending death. Instead of flopping over in exhaustion, theantelope pulled a shell game; when they got winded, they circled back and hid in the herd, leavingDavid and Scott no idea which antelopes were tired and which were fresh. “They blend and flowand change positions,” Scott says. “There are no individuals, but this mass that moves across thedesert like a pool of mercury on a glass table.”【音炸】【道然】【了我】【狰狞】Caballo wanted us to dump our bags and head off immediately for food, but Barefoot Ted insistedon stripping down and padding off to the shower to sluice away the road grime. He came outscreaming.【光年】【发生】【白骨】【人一】【有被】【觉得】