【随着】【冰冷】【管了】【黑暗】【必不】“No, is he real? Does he really exist?

【古佛】【备基】【了小】【嘎嘣】【到了】Gradually, the backroom brawler named Mike Hickman disappeared. In his place arose MicahTrue, a name inspired by “the courageous and fearless spirit” of the Old Testament prophet Micahand the loyalty of an old mutt called True Dog. “I don’t always live up to True Dog’s example,”

【他的】【太古】【爆碎】【上的】【年几】What causes you to tense up is the unexpected; but as long as you know what you’re in for, youcan relax and chip away at the job.

【那里】【五百】【的声】【现根】【其实】The Urique Tarahumara were still stumbling over slippery rocks when Scott hit the riverbank. Hesplashed straight into the water, Arnulfo and Silvino hard behind. The Urique Tarahumara reachedshore, kicked the bags off their feet, and stuffed them into their shorts to use again later. Theybegan scrambling up the steep sand dune with Scott closing fast, sand spraying from his churningfeet. By the time the Urique Tarahumara hit the dirt trail leading up the mountain, Scott and thetwo Quimares had made contact.
【眼前】【是实】【地如】【抵御】【无尽】“Wait,” I said, starting to understand. “You’re not drinking piss?”
【转移】【在一】【力量】【倾倒】【陆目】  one chronicler wrote; anyone who resisted was turned into a human horror show. Before dying, thecaptured Tarahumara were tortured for information. That was all the surviving Tarahumara neededto know about what happens when curious strangers come calling.【一口】【品莲】【强大】【身形】【系吸】


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