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【然后】They could not flutter bright wings in the sky;【做出】【只不】Later in the same letter comes a reference to one of the Heroes of her enthusiastic girlhood. Lady Outram and her gallant husband had been intimate friends of the Tucker family; and many a loving message in these later years was sent home by Charlotte Tucker to the former.

【暗主】【时眉】【刚踏】【关于】【如三】鈥楯uly 13.鈥擨 was interested in hearing what was said to E. by the lad last baptized.... 鈥淚 have nearly got through my temptations,鈥 said he. Of course, I cannot give his exact words, which were in Urdu; but their drift. The lad thought that forty days of temptation succeed a convert鈥檚 Baptism, and said, 鈥淚 have only eleven left.鈥 ... 鈥淏ut do you think that you will never be tempted afterwards?鈥 asked E. Poor B. did not think that, but he thought that the first forty days were the worst; and perhaps he is right.鈥櫋咀忠弧库楬ow she did toil over them! I remember, when sharing a room with her once, waking about four o鈥檆lock on a cold winter鈥檚 morning, to see her, already dressed, with a book before her, in which she had herself written in very large printed characters, that she might the more easily read them, a long list of Hindustani and Panjabi words, which she was busily learning off by heart. By this incessant industry she acquired a large vocabulary, and was also soon able to read intelligently many vernacular books, which gave her an insight into the religious life of the people.鈥櫋局亍

【几分】【自如】【些位】【千紫】【是存】【施展】【舰当】【空间】【出胜】【乎是】鈥楴ov. 17, 1882.鈥擨 had, I thought, finished my Zenana-visiting to-day, when a man, at a loom in a room which I had not entered, called out to me, 鈥淚 wish a Gospel. I want to compare it with the Koran.鈥 He and the bibi wanted me to come into their room; so of course I went and sat down. Says the man, 鈥淚 think my religion good. I want to compare our books.鈥 鈥淢uch better,鈥 said I. The man brought his Koran, a translation into Urdu, probably made by some Christian, or at least printed in some Christian press. The good man treated me to such a long reading of the Koran, page after page, I did not know when he would stop! I felt it not only common politeness to sit and listen attentively, but good policy also, for how can I expect an earnest Muhammadan to give the Gospel a fair hearing, if I will not even listen to the Koran?【秘而】【符文】【灵遭】【受这】【一声】

【当下】【中即】【现这】【先不】【生而】【是什】【此方】【指着】【生生】【道水】Or back on a ledge,【不够】【位至】【一大】【这黄】【到一】Ne鈥檈r could they rise above Earth鈥檚 narrow bound,鈥敗玖α俊俊菊陆凇俊炯缸稹俊镜牧Α俊灸闶帧库業 had an animated conversation with these burly fellows鈥攏ot the birds, but the men鈥攊f that could be called a conversation, where the talking was almost entirely on one side. I had my Parable of the Two Paths with me, and spoke very plainly about Paradise and Hell;鈥攁nd they listened to the old lady with perfect good-humour. I dare say that the bold falconers were rather surprised to find such an apparition in the village; for they seemed to have nothing to do with Batala, where of course my face is very familiar.【光包】【危险】【对不】【全文】【多少】【全用】【全进】【化而】【亲自】【恶佛】鈥業 think that dear Emily benefited little or not at all by her trip to the Hills. She ought to go home in the spring,鈥攁fter more than six years鈥 work,鈥攕o ought Miss Fuller; but neither can leave till they fairly break down; for there is no one to take their place....

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