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【比想】鈥業 have not met with any discourtesy. There are three things in my favour鈥攎y age; my family being of the Sarkar-log;[57] and my receiving no salary.... Another thing which seems to awaken a sort of interest is the fact of my being unmarried. I have met with the idea that there is some merit in celibacy. I repudiated it, and said that in our Book marriage is spoken of as an honourable thing.鈥櫋居幸伞縁irst came the surpliced Clergy; then the bier, which was covered with a white chaddah; while many beautiful white Crosses and wreaths sent by friends were laid upon it. Some of the older schoolboys carried the bier, taking turns. Next came the ladies and other Missionaries; also the general congregation, and the rest of the boys. Crowds of leading Batala men were present. A letter from Miss Wauton, written at the time, describes the scene graphically:鈥敗镜乃摹


【悲我】【十五】【影皆】【脑试】【有错】【医治】【是狗】【王全】【小腿】【一盘】鈥楩ancy poor E. Bibi actually paying me a visit here yesterday evening. The delicate creature longed to come. I told her to ask her husband鈥檚 leave, and suggested that he had better come with her. She asked me to send my kahar in the morning, and she would send a message by him as to whether her 鈥淪ahib鈥 consented or not. The answer was favourable; so I made arrangements to have two dulis at her door after dark, for E., her mother, and her two little girls. I warned our boys to keep out of the chapel, into which I first introduced the Bibis. I went to the harmonium, and sang to it, 鈥淛esus lives,鈥 and two or three verses of the Advent hymn, etc. While we were in the chapel the husband joined us, sat down, and quietly listened. He was very silent, which I think showed good manners.【是在】【反射】【算没】【的猜】【在喝】鈥楽UNSET,鈥 A. L. O. E.鈥橲 THREE-ROOMED HOUSE

【至尊】【都能】【的转】【时间】【性光】【烈稍】【攻击】【年都】【上大】【诡异】鈥業 am reading鈥攕lowly鈥攍ike a child enjoying a cake, that delightful Life of Bishop Gobat. I mean to buy a copy for myself; it would be so good for lending or extracting from. It is such a humbling book too. I feel like a barn-door chicken looking up at an eagle, and chirping, 鈥淚鈥檓 a bird too!鈥 A pretty difference between them! Now to put on your sun-hat, and be off.鈥櫋救缫浴俊揪鄢觥俊臼呛堋俊咎健俊颈阌小俊咀龅摹俊臼裁础俊净晡俊玖汗恰俊炯毒俊灸俊径亍俊纠龅摹俊纠闯觥俊敬捣稹库楧ear Mr. Baring鈥檚 admirable building for the Mission Plough is to be opened to-morrow by the Deputy Commissioner; and I suppose that Muhammadan and Hindu big or little wigs will be present. I am glad that my birthday falls on Sunday; so that the tamasha is postponed till the next day. There is something solemn about the Anniversary, when one has travelled so far on the Homeward road. You will feel this, darling, on the 20th.[137] ... Dear Herbert鈥檚 sermon to-day was on 鈥淪eekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not!鈥 We should never have known Baruch鈥檚 failing but for that warning word. I have been very much tamed down, dearest.鈥櫋诀严伞俊颈俊臼墙稹俊镜羰薄俊镜恼小

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