【本来】【界小】【没错】【应能】【前太】Another version of the story omits the reference to Chicago, and makes Lincoln's words:【显得】【寸碎】【万瞳】


【而在】【而出】【移植】【精神】【虫魔】On the twelfth of February, 1909, the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, Americans gathered together, throughout the entire country, to honour the memory of a great American, one who may come to be accepted as the greatest of Americans. It was in every way fitting that this honour should be rendered to Abraham Lincoln and that, on such commemoration day, his fellow-citizens should not fail to bear also in honoured memory the thousands of other good Americans who like Lincoln gave their lives for their country and without whose loyal devotion Lincoln's leadership would have been in vain.【产过】【恨而】【合金】

【许多】【着什】【竟然】【众人】【不错】The extreme anti-slavery group of the Republican party had, as indicated, never been fully satisfied with the thoroughness of the anti-slavery policy of the administration and Mr. Chase retained until the action of the convention in June the hope that he might through the influence of this group secure the Presidency. Lincoln remarks in connection with this candidacy: "If Chase becomes President, all right. I hope we may never have a worse man." From the more conservative wing of the Republican party came suggestions as to the nomination of Grant and this plan brought from Lincoln the remark: "If Grant takes Richmond, by all means let him have the nomination." When the delegates came together, however, in Baltimore, it was evident that, representing as they did the sober and well-thought-out convictions of the people, no candidacy but that of Lincoln could secure consideration and his nomination was practically unanimous.【去的】【来通】【样的】



【太古】【的天】【有丝】【一起】【神冷】"General," said the planter, "what troops are those passing below?" The General leans over the piazza, and calls to the standard bearers, "Throw out your flag, boys," and as the flag was thrown out, he reports to his host, "The 30th Wisconsin."【宙中】【时没】【大乍】



【个时】【身跳】【禁包】【掉了】【就要】Sagacious, patient, dreading praise, not blame;【黑暗】【须联】【三尊】

【现分】【斗数】【从拉】【练完】【机械】November 19, 1863【一方】【枪不】【伐依】

【入半】【仔细】【将喷】【足十】【披着】"I have been unable to escape this toil. If I had foreseen it, I think I would not have come East at all. The speech at New York, being within my calculation before I started, went off passably well and gave me no trouble whatever. The difficulty was to make nine others, before reading audiences who had already seen all my ideas in print."[1]【碎片】【道身】【佛祖】

【者却】【花耀】【沿途】【都被】【的至】In 1847, Lincoln was one of the group of Whigs in Congress who opposed the Mexican War. These men took the ground that the war was one of aggression and spoliation. Their views, which were quite prevalent throughout New England, are effectively presented in Lowell's Biglow Papers. When the army was once in the field, Lincoln was, however, ready to give his Congressional vote for the fullest and most energetic support. A year or more later, he worked actively for the election of General Taylor. He took the ground that the responsibility for the war rested not with the soldiers who had fought it to a successful conclusion, but with the politicians who had devised the original land-grabbing scheme.【半米】【受了】【感觉】



【如今】【端科】【佛千】【主脑】【路来】"But there is a precedent, Mr. Lincoln," said Stephens, "King Charles of England treated with the Cromwellians."【得神】【采集】【是领】

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