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【低声】【将能】“Wow, what a race!” Scott Tinley raved for the TV audience as he pushed a microphone into AnnTrason’s face. She blinked into the camera lights, looking like she was about to faint, but managedto rally one last burst of fight.【个分】【给跪】【他却】【中再】“Here he is, running more than most people, with the wrong shoe on the wrong foot and not havingany problems,” Ken Learman says. “That experiment taught us all something. Taught us that whenit comes to running shoes, all that glitters isn’t gold.”【伸了】


【道立】【的尖】【一凛】【在我】【持佛】【边缘】The second Jenn saw her chance, she pounced. On the hike over from Batopilas, she’d noticed thatthe Tarahumara run downhill the same way they run up, with a controlled, steady flow. Jenn, onthe other hand, loves to pound the descents. “It’s the only strength I’ve got,” she says, “so I milk itfor all I’m worth.” So instead of exhausting herself by dueling with Herbolisto, she decided to lethim set the pace for the climb. As soon as they reached the turnaround and started the longdownhill, she broke out of the chase pack and began speeding off.【晓但】【了过】【要想】No matter: Caballo had already begun working on his plan. That’s the only reason he was in Creel.【了我】【个分】【爆发】【大半】【气脊】

【说道】【每时】【百道】【安慰】【去这】【出现】Caballo was about a quarter mile back, so he had a perfect view of Scott and the Deer hunters asthey closed the gap with the Urique Tarahumara on the hill across the river. When he saw themheading back toward him after the first turnaround, Caballo was astounded: in the space of justfour miles, the Urique crew had opened up a. four-minute lead. They’d not only dropped the twobest Tarahumara racers of their generation, but also the greatest climber in the history of Westernultrarunning.【信我】


【最近】【文明】【道我】【道他】【的神】【战胜】Relax enough, and your body becomes so familiar with the cradle-rocking rhythm that you almostforget you’re moving. And once you break through to that soft, half-levitating flow, that’s whenthe moonlight and champagne show up: “You have to be in tune with your body, and know whenyou can push it and when to back off,” Ann would explain. You have to listen closely to the soundof your own breathing; be aware of how much sweat is beading on your back; make sure to treatyourself to cool water and a salty snack and ask yourself, honestly and often, exactly how you feel.【边你】

【占地】【的白】  The Creature launched into a long tale, which ángel found highly entertaining as performance artbut barely intelligible as narrative. From what ángel could make out, the lone wanderer was eithertotally nuts or not so lone after all; he claimed to have an even more mysterious sidekick, somekind of Apache warrior he called Ramón Chingón—“Ray, the Mean Motherfucker.”【难的】【此之】【古碑】【间绝】【的荒】


【醒了】【是至】【一瞬】【默念】【身前】【体比】We set off at an easy trot, but as the water and goo revived them, Jenn and Billy set a pace I couldbarely keep up with. Once again, I was amazed at their ability to bounce back from the dead. Ericled us down the creek bed, then spotted a bend in the gorge he recognized. We doglegged left, andeven with the light getting dim, I could see that the dust ahead of us had been tromped by feet. Amile and a half later, we emerged from the gorges to find Scott and Luis waiting anxiously for uson the outskirts of Batopilas.【的遗】

【乒乒】【截大】Billy shrugged. They’d been too rushed and groggy that morning to pay attention to where theywere going, not that it would have mattered: everything looked exactly the same. As they walked,Jenn flashed back to the way she’d scoffed at her mother the night before she and Billy had left forEl Paso. “Jenn,” her mother had implored. “You don’t know these people. How do you knowthey’ll take care of you if something goes wrong?”【这乃】【听闻】【算瑰】【本事】【子都】

【才是】【至尊】“At first I was very skeptical of David, for the same reason most morphologists would be,” Dr.【相当】【看千】【仅仅】【座死】  Their cancer rates were barely detectable. The Tarahumara geniuses had even branched intoeconomics, creating a one-of-a-kind financial system based on booze and random acts of kindness:【一瞪】

【立刻】【帝请】“Vin, what’s up with the barefooting?” they called to Stanford head coach Vin Lananna. “Didn’twe send you enough shoes?”【常精】【醒目】【也对】【话那】【四周】【的身】【了千】【看人】【吼道】【个的】【系二】【的攻】

【战斗】【下载】“CABALLO!” the shout went up.【千紫】【灯古】【岛的】【变得】Delighted with the reaction to his amateur designs, Bowerman let his creativity take off. Hecontemplated a waterproof shoe made of fish skin, but let that one die on the drawing board. Hedid come out with the LD-1000 Trainer, a shoe with a sole so wide it was like running on pieplates. Bowerman figured it would kill pronation in its tracks, overlooking the fact that unless therunner’s foot was perfectly straight, the flared heel would wrench his leg. “Instead of stabilizing, itaccelerated pronation and hurt both feet and ankles,” former Oregon runner Kenny Moore reportedin his biography of Bowerman. The shoe that was supposed to give you a perfect stride, in otherwords, only worked if you already had one. When Bowerman realized he was causing injuriesinstead of preventing them, he had to backtrack and narrow the heel in later versions.【有大】

【变化】【都出】【个半】【蛮王】【城恐】【壮观】“Take a look at its head,” Bramble pointed out. “It wobbles all over the place. Pigs don’t have anuchal ligament.”【地盘】

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