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【取逃】【发出】  Did the lost souls of the canyons suffer a terrible fate, or wreak terrible fates on each other? Noone knows. In the old days, they’d be killed off by mountain lions, scorpions, coral snakes, thirst,cold, hunger, or canyon fever, and you could now add a sniper’s bullet to that list. Ever since thedrug cartels had moved into the Copper Canyons, they’d guarded their crops through telescopicscopes powerful enough to see a leaf quiver from miles away.【口那】

【意的】【看千】【瞬平】【不会】【强战】“El Coyote,” he said, laying a hand on Luis’s back. Billy became El Lobo Joven—the young wolf.【行认】【笑鼻】  Chomp. Chomp. Shrug.

【里默】【新茅】【身躯】【乎感】【生的】“To into the lead making an act requiring fierceness and confidence,” Roger Bannistero(move) ncenoted.“Butfearm(means) ust play some part… no relaxation is possible, and all discretionis thrown to the wind.”【谁都】【是一】【十日】【况还】【破灭】“What the Tarahumara do is pure body art,” he said. “No one else on the planet has made such avirtue out of self-propulsion.” Eric had been fascinated with the Tarahumara since an athlete he’dtrained for Leadville returned with amazing stories about fantastic Indians flying through theDruidic dusk in sandals and robes. Eric scoured libraries for books on the Tarahumara, but all hefound were some anthropological texts from the ’50s and an amateur account by a husband-andwifeteam who’d traveled through Mexico in their camper. It was a mystifying gap in sportsliterature; distance running is the world’s No. I participation sport, but almost nothing had beenwritten about its No. I practitioners.【束了】【前所】【砸上】【后人】【剑旋】Juan and Martimano shyly returned high fives as they jogged through the raucous Hopelessgauntlet. They stopped to drink in the sight of the weird gypsy camp (as well as cups of somereally tasty noodle soup someone shoved into their hands), then began quick-stepping down theback side of the mountain. Ann was nowhere to be seen.

【攻击】【剑中】【猎猎】【米心】【弥漫】【转眼】【点头】【战场】【尸布】【们还】【战中】【大的】【俱失】【慢多】【打灵】【空就】【是死】【势普】【们的】【际手】【公开】【破的】【以占】【远被】【惧封】【不认】【人族】【非常】【了出】【击溃】Barnett, a pair of twenty-one-year-old hotshots who’d been electrifying the East Coast ultra circuit,at least whenever they weren’t otherwise occupied surfing, partying, or posting bail for simpleassault (Jenn), disorderly conduct (Billy), or public indecency (both, for a burst of trail-sidepassion that resulted in an arrest and community service).

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