【出手】【的天】【有刑】【离开】【胧胧】When Christmas Day arrived, though not yet out of danger, she was allowed to see all her Batala friends who could come, including the boys of the School,鈥攏o doubt a mere passing glimpse of each. Much warm interest had been shown by the people of the city, as well as by the Christians who so well knew and loved her. Before Christmas Day, however, Miss Tucker seems to have accepted the fact that, so far as could be seen, she had not yet fought out her battle, had not yet to exchange Cross for Crown. So early as the 21st of December Miss Wauton wrote to Mrs. Hamilton:鈥

【卡大】【一下】【元素】【飞速】【方便】鈥樷淎nd who can tell the rapture, when the circle is complete,

【特别】【的爪】【计的】【触及】【扑鼻】鈥楾o-day my darlings embark on the wide, wide ocean, dear little 鈥渢ravellers by land and by water鈥! What sweet blossoms of the fourth generation grow on our honoured Father鈥檚 family tree! I am sure that you think your pet no exception....
【魂力】【度统】【荡虽】【间搜】【作为】Having once made up her mind that she was definitely called to this particular post, nothing could withhold her. Difficulties, oppositions, hindrances, prospects of loneliness, imperfect knowledge of Indian languages, increasing age,鈥攁ll these were as nothing in the way. If she was called, she would go! And Miss Tucker believed that she was called.

【旺盛】【挺过】【意思】【万亿】【在有】鈥楢s regards health, we are between Scylla and Charybdis. People in India cannot help thinking a great deal about it, because five minutes鈥 carelessness may wreck health for life; yet it is a great matter for us, if possible, to keep from sinking to the languid 鈥渃annot-do-anything鈥 point. To rest there is something like letting the head go under water. I often think of dear Uncle Tom鈥檚 expression,鈥斺淣ever say die!鈥濃
【系大】【上竟】【生出】【他现】【之下】鈥極ct. 30.鈥擬any many thanks, mine own sweet Sister, for yours of the 8th, and all your loving thought for Char.鈥檚 comfort. You would keep the bird in a golden cage, lined with soft fur! But Char. is a bit of a wild bird, and likes to fly about freely. The fur will be delicious on cold mornings and evenings; but to wear it all day, even in December, would feel exhaustingly warm. One needs to adapt oneself perpetually to the changes of temperature in December and January; this needs a little Indian experience and common-sense. The want of these two things is one cause of Indian break-downs. Inexperienced Missionaries think it safe to do in India what they have done in old England! If you consider, love, that I have kept my health, with some few interruptions, for almost sixteen years in India, you may allow that I am a fair manager of it. I am thought rather a wonder.
【了你】【性不】【还有】【降落】【全都】鈥楾he rushing torrent bears along
【一个】【现的】【近时】【它依】【之中】鈥榃hat an honest, conscientious man the Munshi is, was shown by his conduct to a rich tradesman in the city. This rich man paid the Munshi to come and read the 鈥淕ranth鈥 to him,鈥擨 suppose for amusement, as he himself is a Hindu and idolater. When 鈥斺 came to read, he saw an idol in front of the Hindu, and the Sikh positively refused to open the 鈥淕ranth鈥濃攈is sacred book鈥攊n presence of the idol. 鈥淲hy,鈥 says the Hindu, 鈥測ou worship the picture of your saint, so you need not object to my image.鈥 But 鈥斺 positively denied that he worshipped the picture. 鈥淏ring one here,鈥 he said; 鈥渁nd in the presence of witnesses, I will tear it in pieces. Will you do the same with your idol?鈥濃
【能修】【靠自】【心之】【无比】【天地】【三大】【这种】【影了】【还是】【紫未】Side by side, however, with this great disappointment, were other more hopeful aspects of the work. Light and shade naturally go together. A few days later she wrote:鈥
【他心】【一天】【型你】【可能】【进去】Taken at Amritsar about 1882


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