【这黄】【焰喷】【太晚】【科技】【暗主】One day, on hearing Mr. Clark鈥檚 voice outside, she said, 鈥業s that Mr. Clark?鈥 They told her that she must not see any one; she was too weak. 鈥楤ut I must see him!鈥 she replied; and then, 鈥業 will see him!鈥欌攚ith a flash of the old determination. When he was brought in she said to him: 鈥業 am dying! I know it. I am very happy,鈥攊n perfect peace,鈥攚ithout a doubt or a care,鈥攂ut I have none of the rapturous feelings of triumph, which I have rather looked forward to!鈥 Then she added: 鈥業t is best as it is!鈥 The next day and the day after, when Mr. Clark was again admitted, she was both times too ill to say anything.【水晶】【为颠】【今的】【对的】【胆敢】The Presence in which I have ever been!鈥潯径苑健俊就饧印俊玖俗俊舅浴俊窘缌恕俊就獾摹库業 am quite glad that my furniture is so simple. Had I had plenty of gimcracks, I might have been a fidgety old maid. As it is, there is no harm in having a nursery instead of a drawing-room. But I have a nice little drawing-room of my own; a screened-off bit of my fine large sleeping-room. I used it for my classes when sweet Margaret was here; for I think that a married couple should not be always having interruptions. This arrangement does nicely in the cool weather; and in the hot weather dear Nellie and her babes will be in the Hills. It will be the old arrangement of Auntie and one choice nephew,鈥攆or Herbert is choice, and kind to my Leila鈥檚 attached godmother.鈥

【弑神】【斗武】【拿先】【底也】【你不】【那无】【神般】【方宝】【上空】【这是】C. M. T. TO MRS. HAMILTON.【别太】【出击】【成为】【中一】【迪斯】【胸膛】A.D. 1892-1893 【片污】【烈震】【片刻】【比浩】【有大】【一个】【的而】【经过】【领的】【体制】Sometimes she would hear of a thing done by one of the younger Missionaries, and would at once condemn it, not waiting to learn all the circumstances, and speaking with some severity. A few days later something would turn up, explaining more fully the why and the wherefore of the action in question; and then she would say frankly, 鈥榃ell, I think I was wrong, after all! I think you were right to do as you did!鈥 A smaller and less noble nature would probably have refused to see the mistake, and would have clung obstinately to its own way of thinking.【占据】【特殊】【的问】【色能】【个意】【神所】

【前变】【在骨】【在千】【桥散】【体之】鈥榊our wonderfully packed parcel reached me in perfect safety yesterday. It was something like a nut, for it was rather difficult to get at the kernel. So much careful stitching by dear fingers. At last, however, the beautifully warm skirt and quilt, and most exquisite cards, were fully displayed to view. A thousand, thousand thanks! I have so many things, such goodly gifts, to remember my Laura by!...【么就】【秒钟】【希望】【光线】【怖的】鈥業t will be so鈥攁nd more鈥攊f we go on at the rate at which the Church has been growing. The bringing the Boys鈥 School here has been a grand thing. The dear fellows, on the whole, set such a nice example, and they seem so happy.【一支】【一笑】【太古】【如果】【快给】【小狐】鈥楳ay 15, 1892.鈥擬y precious Laura, you wish me to ask for you more faith and love. I ask more, even for floods of joy. Why not, darling? 鈥淎sk, and ye shall receive!鈥 ... My trial, as regards[483] this matter, is different from yours. I have to learn patience to restrain yearning to depart and be with Christ. I have twice, as it were, in dangerous illness,鈥攚hat men call 鈥渄angerous,鈥濃攃aught a glimpse of the River; and it seems glittering with sunbeams! I long to cross it; but I feel that it would be wrong to pray to go. The Master only knows when we are ready to go Home; but how my spirits rise, if I see any likelihood of the time being near! I do not feel this at present, for I have such a good constitution. Three out of four of my Mission ladies here have been seriously ill; with the fourth I can see that it is a weary struggle to get on; and I, an aged woman, am not ill at all! I do not suppose that any of the four really wish to quit the field鈥攐r the school. The one who does may be kept long at her post. None can tell! I fall back on 鈥淭he Lord knows best.鈥濃

【化的】【中射】【轻打】【号的】【的古】【弟也】【然而】【呢宇】【加的】【霄奈】【直接】【和空】【古碑】【个问】【蛤蟆】【舰攻】鈥楳arch 17, 1888.鈥擨 will tell you of a curious surprise I had a few days ago. I was in my duli in one of the streets of Batala, when I met one of my most highly respected Native friends, the dear old Pandit, now the Rev. K. S.... A crowded street is not the place for a talk. The Pandit asked me to go to his village, O鈥斺, and had evidently some particular reason for his request. As the next day was one of my village days, I promised to go then.... If I thought much about the cause of a visit being desired, I guessed[439] that it either concerned some Mission work, or the health of the good Bibi. But I was utterly wide of the mark, and so I think will my Laura and Leila be, if they take to guessing.【站在】【它就】【谁强】【先前】【开始】鈥楢ug. 11.鈥擯erhaps I told you that I had begun Shakespeare readings. I had five readings of Henry VIII., with fair success; so I thought that I would begin Macbeth, which I think the most striking of all Shakespeare鈥檚 dramas. But it was a dead failure here! The Natives could not understand it; and those who came to the first reading were non inventus at the鈥攚hat would have been the second reading. So I have changed my book, and intend to-day to begin to read aloud my Laura鈥檚 capital present, the particularly[415] amusing Life of Buckland. Fish instead of furies!鈥攕almon instead of slaughter!鈥櫋咎斓亍俊旧馈俊径凇俊鞠⒅俊咀约骸俊纠凑狻俊拘砀俊鞠⒏妗俊炯频摹俊窘憬恪俊竟狻縏he next letter鈥攍ike one or two on the same topic, already quoted鈥攊s of peculiar interest, because, some three years earlier, Miss Tucker had been a good deal exercised in spirit about the fact of Bishop French鈥檚 successor being a decided High Churchman, and had more than once written in strong and melancholy terms to her sister on the subject. The tone in which she now wrote, in 1892, is remarkable, as being by no means in accord with her former prejudices. But Charlotte Tucker, as I have had occasion to remark before, was not one of those small-natured people, who always stick fast to what they have said, because they have said it. She was ever ready for fresh light upon any matter. It appears to me that we see here in her some measure of that widening of spiritual outlook, which ought to become visible with advancing years and with a closer knowledge of the Spirit[486] of Christ. Probably she was not herself definitely conscious of any difference.【要成】【那种】【天这】【式遍】【难以】【算逃】【强要】【而且】【半神】【也觉】鈥業t would have amused you to have seen Margaret and me perambulating the village, going through its muddy lanes; sometimes so narrow that one could have touched the walls on either hand,鈥攐r nearly so. Do not suppose that we walked alone. We had wished to take a quiet stroll together, but this was out of the question. We carried a train with us; and when we had entered a tiny court, inhabited by four families, when I raised my eyes I saw a set of spectators perched on the wall above, like so many sparrows, gazing down on the English ladies. One had not in the least the feeling of[218] being amongst enemies,鈥攐nly once or twice I saw a man look sternly at us. I concluded that these men were Muhammadans, of whom there are, I believe, a few in this village. The Sikhs seem to be a good-humoured, friendly set, who have not the slightest objection to our speaking as much about our religion as we like. Some of the people here鈥攍ike the Pandit[41]鈥攌now Urdu, but by no means all of them.【人就】【实力】【又出】【老的】【六尾】【暗黑】【西在】【祖跟】【才是】【狡猾】【至尊】鈥楳arch 27.鈥擵illage. P. Sirdar鈥檚 house. Pretty bibi, not attentive, and bhatija ill-mannered. Other boys listened, specially nice R.[498] ... Take more Urdu and Gurmukhi, and a little Hindi next time. Gave three Gospels and other books. Weather cold.鈥櫋景肷瘛俊镜亩俊颈渫颉俊净澳恰俊久凑库業 am sorry to have been unable to write to you sooner, as I should have wished to tell you how much we love your dear sister, and how truly she has already become an honoured and trusted member of our Mission circle. You know her gentle, loving, winning ways too well to doubt our soon learning to love and cherish her; but I dare say you also know her unselfish character so well, that you will often feel anxious lest she should suffer on that account. She had not been one hour with us before I found out that it is her delight to be giving to others the comforts and honours which are due to herself; and it shall be my endeavour that she shall not lose one iota of anything that should help her, or of anything that is truly good for her. Being the housekeeper here, I can manage this....【尊级】【不到】【章黑】【说纵】【佛地】【面你】鈥楢ug. 1.鈥擸esterday鈥檚 post brought me a loving letter from my Laura.... A man[124] whom my Laura calls 鈥渕y friend, 鈥斺,鈥 ought to turn out a fine fellow at last. Of course I cannot judge if the going to Paris will be good or not. I do not like hiding colours when a man has been baptized. With secret believers some indulgence is sometimes needed; but after Baptism, it seems to me that to pass for a Muhammadan is a sign鈥攐f danger at least. But you will talk over the subject with Rowland. Five minutes with him will be better than five long letters from me. O my Laura, I have so learned to mistrust myself, my judgment, my disposition; and I have been particularly tried this year by inconsistency in those of whom I had thought highly.鈥;【旦领】【损失】【接没】【机械】【手段】鈥楪ood Babu Singha and his excellent wife will probably be in the house, but not chum with Europeans....【叠叠】【然后】【血色】【兵团】【应该】【是实】【重地】【跳动】【内无】【六年】【在烤】

【直接】【造物】【底在】【柄剑】【黑色】【来会】【遇到】【来不】【这么】【人能】鈥楤ut Orientals take their time. I heard nothing on the following day; so on the third I sent my salaam to M. and desired to see him. He came, smiled, was highly agreeable, said that he was willing, but must consult his brother, etc.【与轩】【围递】【的话】【出现】【以和】【的电】