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【就可】【情况】【而现】【遭到】【接它】【群变】【是走】【还是】【之事】【讶万】【太古】【成为】【出现】【削弱】【行动】【钳把】鈥楶.S.鈥擯lease offer my affectionate and grateful remembrances to dear Mrs. French.鈥

【出小】【损友】【老同】【分成】【较粗】【哥哥】【成万】【腾而】【雷声】【连整】鈥業t seems to us a most extraordinary way of evangelising; but when the Rev. C. came to the village, he found that these strange teachers had really ploughed up the ground to receive the good seed; and the third teacher has come himself into the fold with four of his relatives. His wife still holds out.【十丈】【也是】【候六】【巨大】【单是】【现在】
【般压】【眉骨】【交手】【太古】【命就】鈥楢ffectionate good wishes to your whole party.【经被】【星光】【百七】【模样】【手段】【回来】【节奏】【张一】【法则】【笼罩】【在胸】鈥楾he next incident was also a provoking one. You know that I have had boils. Well, Herbert said ... that the best way to stop a boil was, at the very first threatening, to put caustic to the place. So I bought a bit of caustic, knowing as much about it as I do of Hebrew.... Just before starting for afternoon Wednesday Service in the city, I thought that I had the slightest possible sensation of a boil on my nose. 鈥淣ot a pretty place to have a boil on,鈥 thought I; so I took out my wee grey stone, dipped it in water, and applied it. It did not burn at all, so I applied it again. Then, seeing a black spot, hardly visible except through spectacles, off I went to Service.

【奇怪】【衬下】【械生】【查已】【种选】鈥極urs is not to be a village church, dear, but one in a city of more than 25,000 inhabitants, where there are graceful mosques, a large idol-temple, etc. A mere mud shed would be quite out of character; our present room in a schoolhouse would be better than that. There is considerable difficulty and expense in buying a site. It ought to be in the city. I have written to dear 鈥斺 about one which Mr. Baring has seen, but it is very doubtful whether the place can be purchased.【冥帅】【们的】【到任】【山爆】【动的】鈥楴ow on the second there had been rather a hot discussion. There had been a show of hands; but numbers were so closely divided that we had to go by ballot. Even then there was only a majority of one; and some of the members were absent, and some imperfectly informed. In short, when Char succeeded to office, the question was brought up again by a strong lady on the one side,鈥攁nd then a paper was read by a strong lady on the other,鈥攁nd I proposed that votes should be taken again, which resulted in a majority of four, I being one of the four. A lady of the minority called out, 鈥淚t does not matter what is voted; we will all do just the same as before,鈥濃攚hich was more true than polite. Then there was another lady, who got up time after time, to make impracticable propositions; and she got snubbed and sat down and cried.... Oh dear, it does not do to be so thin-skinned! So you see, dear, all did not go on quite smoothly while I sat in the chair, with the bonnet on my head which you wore at dear Fred鈥檚 wedding!【放弃】【来咝】【死万】【存的】【生命】【大动】The change which came over her in death was remarkable. A change is often seen; a return sometimes to greater youth and beauty. Death smooths away wrinkles, refines rugged features, sharpens the outlines. But in this case the transformation was of a rare type. 鈥業 never saw a face so altered,鈥 wrote Dr. Clark, who had attended her. 鈥業t became a face of massive power; more like that of the Duke of Wellington than anything else; the nose particularly so, and the jaw. A strong, massive, determined, powerful face. I suppose the power was always there, but masked by the habitual gentleness and tender consideration for all around, which was so beautiful a feature in her beautiful character.鈥


【量波】【古佛】【内却】【道水】【方便】【要一】【能留】【花小】【净土】【场倾】鈥極ct. 28.鈥擵illage. P. started for V. But all V.鈥檚 inhabitants seemed to have turned out for the funeral of a young man. Probably eighty or a hundred present. I turned to the left, where about forty women and girls were standing or seated on the ground. I repeated twice over to them, not singing, a little hymn which I had made; also the precious verse, 鈥淕od so loved.鈥 Had not only good listening, but some of the women repeated after me the burden of the hymn. I had chest-cold, so could not have sung without coughing.鈥櫋镜陌搿俊镜难妗俊疽小俊居胨俊韭硇俊舅瘛縄n another letter, about the same date, and also on the subject of the children, written to Miss Alice Tucker, A. L. O. E. speaks of having been kicked by a horse in a small Muhammadan courtyard,鈥攈appily not a severe kick. The horse struck out sharply, but she had just stepped back, and the force of the blow was also broken by the umbrella which she held. She escaped therefore with only 鈥榓 harmless contusion.鈥 It might have been a very grave accident.【一个】【冥族】【半天】【不知】【古能】FROM THE REV. ROBERT CLARK.【波包】【神只】【的时】【的手】【觉出】Victorious o鈥檈r all evil things.【逃走】【一片】【过于】【每一】【知有】【离有】鈥楾he luncheon was preceded by the reading by one of the Batala non-Christian magnates of an address, emblazoned with gold; other Batala folk, some in very grand dresses, standing in line. The Lieutenant-Governor gave a reply in English, which I doubt whether many understood. Then we went to our collation; fifteen sat down.... You should have seen our servant 鈥斺; he was quite magnificent. He had on such a gold-adorned pagri that it might have graced the head of a rajah, and had as much gold on his dress. I did not think that he looked like a Missionary鈥檚 servant, but we left him to enjoy his splendour. I had thought, darling, whether I should wear your silk dress:[106] but no, thought I; in my Batala I will not wear silken attire; so I wore my Laura鈥檚 purple, which was just the thing, sober and handsome. The collation went over nicely; we could not linger at it long, and no one could drink too much, as water was our beverage. After seeing the view from the roof, we started in the borrowed carriages for the Church. The first carriage, which held the Aitchesons, Mera Bhatija, and myself, had highly conservative horses, decidedly opposed to progress. No use coaxing and urging them; the 鈥渘at-khats鈥 would not go. The only thing was to get out and go into another carriage.

【水皆】【手了】【但是】【九品】【提升】鈥楾o-day I had what seemed to poor me a long t锚te-脿-t锚te with the Pandit from O鈥斺, that village which you will remember I visited with Margaret. O dear! it was a bit of a mental effort. He is a learned man! I longed for C. to come to my rescue, but battled with verbs and genders as well as I could.【仪器】【强悍】【大王】【却了】【概有】鈥榊ou have perhaps heard that I am to have a charming lady to be with me; for my adopted nephew, the Rev. F. H. Baring, is bringing out a lovely bride, one whom I know well, and whom I have been accustomed to call my Queen-Lily, because she is so tall and fair. I expect her to do Mission-work much better than I can; and will not our boys love her! They seem to have made up their minds that she is to be their mother; so she will have a fine large family to look after, thirty-seven boys, or more; some of them really not boys, but men. Rowland Bateman is to perform, or rather, I believe, has performed, the marriage service for his friend. We expect to have grand rejoicings here on the arrival of the happy pair. It was a feast to see the way in which the news of their Principal鈥檚 engagement was received by his boys.... There was such clapping and delight, that you might have thought all the boys were going to be married themselves!鈥櫋景盐铩俊厩槭恰俊境2弧俊舅俊窘濉俊究嗤贰库極ne of the ladies smoked a hookah; had it been even invisible, we should have been made sensible of its presence by an occasional bubble-bubble sound, and then a perfume鈥攖o our minds by no means odoriferous. Another lady had her teeth horridly blackened by what she had been chewing; but, generally speaking, the natives鈥 teeth are[208] very nice and white.... I showed off my beautiful chatelaine, your dear Father鈥檚 gift, which I think pleased; and Miss H. showed hers, which is quite different in style. You must not suppose that this was a mere visit of amusement.... No, we had Bible-reading and hymn-singing; and afterwards C. was evidently holding a religious discussion with the elder lady.

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