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【道有】【族语】The little 鈥楽unset鈥 house, in which she lived, consisted mainly of the following: bath-room, size 8 feet by 8; dressing-room, size 13 feet by 8; the one large principal room, size 24 feet by 13, divided by a screen into bedroom[462] and sitting-room; and the verandahs. Miss Tucker鈥檚 chief room has been described to me by one who spent months at Batala, as, at this date,鈥斺楻ather bare and shabby, and used to have rather an untidy look.... As you went in from the verandah in front, the fireplace was on your left, and a sofa, with a screen behind it, screening off the bed, on your right. In front of you was the little table, where she used to write. I cannot remember all of the furniture; there was not very much,鈥擨 think some shelves on each side of the fireplace.鈥櫋灸懿臁俊局视獭俊境龉妗俊救皇汀俊拘┩辍



【的尖】【未有】【万瞳】【神光】【这颗】【宇宙】鈥楬e is a Mullah鈥檚 (Muhammadan religious teacher鈥檚) son, and has been brought up in a fine school for bigotry. He told me what a merit it is considered to kill infidels; and that, when a child, he had intended to acquire this merit. 鈥淒o you mean that, if they could, the Muhammadans would think it right to kill all the Europeans and Native Christians?鈥 I asked. 鈥淏eshakh!鈥 (Without doubt!) replied the lad simply. Happily all Muhammadans are not Mullahs鈥 sons!鈥櫋竟獭俊究丈稀俊境两俊颈群啤俊咀逡痢俊炯旱摹俊镜牢摇俊玖α俊俊舅奈濉俊揪库楾he Mission Miss Sahibas should sow well the grain,【有效】【多了】【再出】【己就】【不好】

【隐散】【出手】【够晋】【愿佛】【来相】【突不】【去休】【天的】【自己】RULES AND REGULATIONS【恐的】【一层】【服着】【几分】鈥楳y love, how can you think of sending me another dress for winter? Do you think me so careless and extravagant as to have worn out the graceful Grey already? I never take it into a duli; I keep my faithful Green for such rough work. But if a new winter dress is actually in hand, let me send you even before seeing it a thousand thanks for it.鈥櫋镜奈凇俊臼盗Α俊鞠蠛啊库楾he visit of the two Bishops,[96] Mr. Clark, and the Chaplain, Mr. Deedes, went off beautifully. Everybody seemed pleased with Batala; and the Bishop of Calcutta wrote such handsome things in the school-book, that I am sure dear Babu Singha was gratified. The Bishop of Calcutta is a striking-looking man; tall, with a simple, unaffected dignity.... He gives one the impression of both physical and intellectual strength, combined with true piety. As the vigorous, energetic practical man, he forms an interesting contrast to the fragile-looking, saintly Bishop of Lahore. Then Mr. Clark has a calm charm of his own,鈥攄escribed by a lad as 鈥渓ooking like an angel, with his beautiful white beard.鈥 ...【要黑】【烈的】【也没】【一个】About the middle of August Miss Tucker went for change to Allahabad; and very soon after her arrival she was able to speak of herself as 鈥榣ess tired鈥 than before leaving Batala; despite two nights of severe travelling, inclusive of sixteen hours straight off in her duli. 鈥楾he change of air already tells on my bodily frame,鈥 she wrote; 鈥榓nd the change of scene on my mind and spirits.... I was becoming low in every way.鈥 Before the end of September she was back again in Batala; and there she was soon joined by Mr. Baring, after his most sad absence. For a while, but only for a while, Batala was still to be his home.【般虽】【知道】【能力】鈥楴ow all the boys鈥 thoughts are turned to the reception of the dear Barings. The Natives take the whole affair into their own hands, I merely helping by paying for the refreshments. I see a wooden arch in course of erection, and hundreds鈥攑erhaps a thousand鈥攍ittle earthen lamps cumbering our hall. Perhaps the Bishops wondered what all those funny little concerns could be for. There are to be fireworks too; but I have nothing to do with either illumination or fireworks.鈥櫋镜奈省俊臼兜摹俊揪洹俊就阜ⅰ库業 have been asked to put down a few reminiscences of A. L. O. E. in her Missionary life in India. But how shall I do it? It seems like being asked to help in painting a rainbow. We can hardly compare her to anything else; so varied, so harmonious, so lovely were the rays of light which she reflected. Spirit and mind were as a clear prism, through which the light of Heaven fell, irradiating the atmosphere in which she lived, and which shone out all the more brightly when seen against the dark clouds of heathendom.【金界】【了心】【骨的】TO 鈥斺 鈥斺敗窘峁俊狙俊咀飞薄俊竟丶恰俊救俊

【固液】【舒缓】鈥楢ug. 31.鈥擨 go, you know, to city work in the morning. After our late breakfast I have a succession of people coming. For instance, to-day,鈥1st, Munshi and four boys. 2nd, A convert came, to read the Bible to me. 3rd, A teacher came, for me to explain difficult English idioms. 4th, Three lads for English lessons. 5th, A fourth lad more advanced. You see, love, that this is not a sleepy life, though in this warm weather I usually get some sleep in the daytime. I like having the dear boys. They have done much to keep the heart green under various Missionary discouragements.鈥櫋景伤俊狙凵瘛俊韭酱颉俊久媲啊

【座宫】【战剑】【眼内】FROM MRS. ELMSLIE TO MRS. HAMILTON.【半空】【着步】【的金】【与我】【却时】

【是何】【最擅】鈥楾o-day I went to two new houses,鈥擨 have such a number to go to! When I sang of the Saviour鈥檚 invitation, to a Hindu, not only did she seem to listen attentively, but I saw her wiping moist eyes.【成神】【回门】【中闪】【一尊】【右又】【无数】【虫神】鈥楢pril 17, 1892.鈥擝eloved Laura, 鈥淭he Lord is Risen indeed!鈥 This is the Easter greeting, and this is Easter morn. I shall soon start for church; but first I would remind my darling sister and myself of words like the clarion of a silver trumpet, followed by the sound of an angel鈥檚 harp:鈥敗久鹆恕俊痉稚ⅰ俊纠嗷埂俊净⒔小縎ome may count this letter stern, viewed in the light of modern lax and easy notions. But Charlotte Tucker knew what she was about. She was living, at Batala, in the First Century of Christianity. Things would often be very differently viewed by us in England, if we could see them from the standpoint of the First instead of the Nineteenth Century.【燃烧】

【级机】【失去】【有丝】【族的】【传承】【杀一】鈥楴ov. 14, 1889.【死是】【境界】【金属】【但在】【有一】【散没】【拳头】【在了】

【如一】【不显】I.【来愈】【不过】【力东】【古神】【招的】【在高】【到一】Letters thus far were only dictated. On January 20 is one in her own handwriting, very feeble and shaky:鈥敗疚纭俊拘头恰俊臼且俊局印库極ur good pastor Sadiq and I had a long talk together to-day. We two almost, as it were, form a little party by ourselves; we are regular old-fashioned Panjabis, something like Saxons after the Norman Conquest. Sadiq highly approves of this school, because we don鈥檛 Anglicise the boys.... But the Anglicising tide runs too fast for Sadiq and me. We get spoilt by Batala, where there are no Europeans or Eurasians.... This is a grand transition time in India; and the Conservatism, which I drank in at old No. 3, remains in me like an instinct now. I would keep everything unchanged that is not wrong or foolish鈥攁nd there is such a fearful amount of things that are wrong and foolish, that one might think that to get rid of them would give all occupation sufficient. But I know that I am old-fashioned, and live too much in one groove to be able to judge correctly.鈥櫋灸芰俊



【的层】【尊巅】FROM THE REV. ROBERT CLARK.【服任】【犹豫】【决心】【四个】鈥極ct. 23.鈥 ... Your letter to Lettie, which I saw at Pindi, before my own followed me there, quite prepared me for Edith鈥檚 thoughtful telegram. I received that telegram at the Batala station, after my long dark night鈥檚 journey back from Pindi. I thank and bless God for my precious sister鈥檚 bliss; but to me the blank鈥斺! I suppose that the funeral will be to-morrow; in thought I follow my poor bereaved Leila,鈥攂ut my mind dwells less on the grief of those left, than the joy of her who is with her Saviour. I thanked God for her to-day at Holy Communion.【说道】【与至】【神强】【前面】【放任】【没有】【内的】[372]【金属】