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【自己】鈥業 think, love, that these little particulars will amuse you. I write playfully, but the real undermost feeling in my heart is that of humble gratitude to Him from Whom all blessings flow,鈥攖he love of true and God-fearing hearts being one of the most precious of those blessings.鈥櫋咎拧库楳y dearest Bella Francis,鈥擸ou will all like to know how I am getting on. I have come again to House Beautiful in Amritsar, where the four sweet damsels, Faith, etc., glide about to see to my comfort. Yesterday dear Gertrude joined us, and also Miss B. A., so there is a regular bevy. Dr. Clark said yesterday, with a very broad smile, that we were getting on; but I cannot quite see the pith of this. When a worn-out ekka horse tumbles down on the road, and no one can make him get up, one can scarcely say that he is getting on. Getting up must come first. I ought to be very thankful for so much kindness; but you can imagine, darling, that when I hope to soar on eagle鈥檚 wings, it is rather a trial to have the doctor tie them down so tightly, that when I hope to fly I cannot even creep.【然感】


【禁包】【一尊】【脚踏】【冥界】【的战】【练只】【后溅】【大的】【若的】【老公】This chapter can hardly be better closed than by quoting Miss Tucker鈥檚 descriptive lines as to the necessary qualifications for a 鈥楳ission Miss Sahiba,鈥 already alluded to. They were written at Amritsar, as early as the year 1876:鈥敗局灰俊径俊景汛蟆俊炯盖А俊镜迷健

【大陆】【那些】【而成】【握起】【便一】After a few months, however, came a renewed check. Mr. Beutel was required for work in Amritsar; and when he and his wife left Batala, Miss Tucker had to leave also. Once more she was obliged to settle down for a term of patient waiting and study at Amritsar.【即使】【约一】【就会】【如同】【击显】【缓缓】【己的】【水皆】【点接】【但是】Many friends came to ask after her; but on account of her excessive feebleness a very limited number could be admitted; only one or two in the day, and merely for a few minutes each.【机会】【四周】【我就】【过年】【黄雨】While the larger number of extracts given are, throughout her Indian career, in reference to the work going on round about her, it must not be supposed that her love for relatives and old friends, or her interest in all that concerned them, ever for a moment waned. The letters teem with loving words and messages; and every item of news from England is received with delight. Her affections seem to have grown stronger rather than weaker, through long separation.【了一】【现完】【尊巅】【的抵】【度无】鈥楴ov. 14.鈥擨 do not think that I told you of two Christian fakirs, to whom I was introduced at Amritsar. They were very badly clothed, fakir-like, but鈥攅specially one of them鈥攈ad pleasing, sensible faces. I suppose that they wander about, and lead a kind of John the Baptist life. How curious such a style of Christian would appear in old England!鈥櫋敬笮 俊鞠碌摹俊镜暮凇俊鞠忠弧俊舅得鳌库楶erhaps the worst of all was the Christian鈥檚 reception at his home; his wife came with her three little ones to meet him, beating her breast, etc. Sadiq had intended to carry B鈥攏 back to Amritsar with him, to let the first fury of the storm blow over; but poor B鈥攏 preferred remaining at Batala, because if he left his wife, he did not know what she might do with his children. So there the brave fellow remains. We ought to pray earnestly for this our brother.鈥

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