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【小心】  “Hombre, claro,” ángel said. “He was here yesterday. I gave him a drink with that cup.”【一切】【白象】

【星辰】【性命】【天的】【莲上】【之一】  “Two.”【只好】They drank their bottles dry, refilled them, and started walking west again into the wilderness.【破前】

【小狐】【吸收】【着说】【一下】【星金】【械生】【位是】【去漫】【边的】【有理】By the time Bill Bowerman paid his first visit in 1962, Lydiard’s Sunday morning group run wasthe biggest party in Auckland. Bowerman tried to join them, but was in such lousy shape that hehad to be helped along by a seventy-three-year-old man who’d survived three coronaries. “God,the only thing that kept me alive was the hope that I would die,” Bowerman said afterward.【又催】【去找】【在继】【些真】【闪烁】“Miss! Miss!” the appalled desk clerk pleaded, before remembering that pleading doesn’t work ondrunks in fountains. “Get her under control,” she warned the others, “or you’re all out of here.”

【他当】【觉到】【城墙】【动弹】【能却】【共用】【双眸】【护手】【凛地】【越来】【击这】【刚离】【似的】【接连】【是怎】We’ve done studies, and only two to three percent of the population has real biomechanicalproblems. So who is getting all these orthotics? Every time we put someone in a corrective device,we’re creating new problems by treating ones that don’t exist.” In a startling admission in 2008,Runner’s World confessed that for years it had accidentally misled its readers by recommendingcorrective shoes for runners with plantar fasciitis: “But recent research has shown stability shoesare unlikely to relieve plantar fasciitis and may even exacerbate the symptoms” (italics mine).【小心】【现在】【两大】【爆激】【大量】【入太】【部流】【狻猊】【脸色】【起噗】  The White Horse didn’t linger; once he’d gulped some water and a second cup of pinole, he wavedgood-bye and went trotting back up the trail. He stomped and shrieked like a wild stallion as hewent, amusing the kids, who laughed and chased at his heels until he disappeared, once again, backinto the wild.【提升】【并将】【音很】【绰绰】【不下】“Amigo, am I glad to see you,” Barefoot Ted said. He’d been looking around for some tire rubberso he could make his own pair of Tarahumara sandals, but figured he needed some expert advice.

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