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【将千】【的人】But now, as she approached the Hope Pass peak, she could glance back and see Martimano andJuan steadily closing the gap, looking as light and breezy as the capes that swirled around them.【祭坛】【了一】【是亲】【像隐】【了黑】

【眼嘴】【然间】  “A false step,” an adventurer named Frederick Schwatka jotted in his notebook during a CopperCanyon expedition in 1888, “would send the climber two hundred to three hundred feet to thebottom of the canyon, perhaps a mangled corpse.”【浮起】【然他】【不能】【见骨】【魅惑】

【莲在】【几声】【可怕】【道火】【种被】【成的】“Do you know about phenols?” Tony added. “They’re natural plant chemicals that combat disease.【虬龙】【瞬间】【武戏】ángel pulled himself to his feet and divided the kids into two teams, girls and boys together. Hethen produced two wooden balls, each about the size of a baseball, and flipped one to a player oneach team. He held up six fingers; they’d be running six laps from the schoolhouse to the river, atotal distance of about four miles. The two boys dropped the balls into the dust and arched one oftheir feet, so the ball was balanced on top of their toes. Slowly, they coiled themselves down into acrouch and ….Vayan! Go!【慢的】【我别】【械族】【鬼影】【长臂】


【哼东】【步之】“Amigo, am I glad to see you,” Barefoot Ted said. He’d been looking around for some tire rubberso he could make his own pair of Tarahumara sandals, but figured he needed some expert advice.【落数】【然有】【神归】【暴腐】【也只】

【力驱】【一道】【似乎】【着一】【知晓】【有一】“Yo soy El Mono!” he announced. “The Monkey!” Hang on, Barefoot Ted thought; do they evenhave monkeys in Mexico? Maybe the Tarahumara don’t know what a mono is. Just in case, hebegan hooting and scratching like a chimp, his ankle bells jingling and the sleeves of his redraincoat flapping in his face, somehow thinking that impersonating a thing they’d never heard ofwould let them know what that thing was.【剑异】

【只是】【然超】He had to rewind a few times before it hit him: even though David and the horse were moving atthe same speed, David’s legs were moving more slowly.【不得】【尊性】【低语】【斗武】I kept shotgunning names, hoping he’d hear one he recognized before body-slamming me againstthe wall and escaping into the hills behind the hotel. “… No, Manuel. Not Miguel Luna. Manuel.【毫没】

【脑没】【量几】【的一】【感该】【下的】【命的】In 2003, Ted decided to celebrate his fortieth birthday with his own endurance event, “TheAnachronistic Ironman.” It would be a full Ironman triathlon—2.4-mile ocean swim, 112-milebike ride, and 26.2-mile run—except, for reasons only clear to Ted, all the gear had to date fromthe 1890s. He was already two-thirds of the way there; he was strong enough to handle the swim infull-length woollies, and he’d become an ace on his high-wheel bike. But the run— the run wasmurdering him.【加几】


【臂收】【自己】“See?” Eric said, waving the nozzle of his hydration pack. “Those guys have got to be parched.”【一会】【坐牢】【功夫】【脚的】【是突】


【冥界】【阴阳】【石纷】【毛睫】【厚实】【率先】【环境】【的泰】【也未】“Can you run a little more?” I asked Jenn. “I think we’re not that far from the village.”【罩上】【钳把】【包裹】【家都】【的气】

【见到】【十倍】【在发】【加棘】【刻再】【约丽】Vigil could smell the apocalypse coming, and he’d tried hard to warn his runners. “There are twogoddesses in your heart,” he told them. “The Goddess of Wisdom and the Goddess of Wealth.【到足】


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